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327_Matteo Gawlak and Micol Zucchini: u_Tube

Submission #327 | Matteo Gawlak and Micol Zucchini: u_Tube — “Buynet city, 2030. Never before man has been so explicitly recognized as the true protagonist and placed with determination at the center of the purchase, linked only on shopping online. Subject and object at the same time of a philosophical and almost metaphysical research about his place and his role in the buying network.”

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291_Dinorah Martinez Schulte: Flextructure

Submission #291 | Dinorah Martinez Schulte: Flextructure — “This project is dedicated to making an innovative proposal, redesigning a new strategy and structural system totally adaptable to any building scale and conditions, where the computational tools and technology are used to optimize a solution to the problems caused by a natural disaster. generate impact not only in architecture, but at the social level, by a new search for design strategies and structural criteria.”

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