99_Mordvintseva Elizaveta, Glinskaya Maria, Nechitailova Irina: The wall. New function

Mordvintseva Elizaveta, Glinskaya Maria, Nechitailova Irina

We live and study in Moscow, state university of architecture. We are lucky to be the members of «Meganom students» group and to study from one of the best Russian architects Yuri Grigoryan. Unfortunately, the educational program in out academy is old and conservative, but our mentors have an absolutely different approach for designing, and we rethink every task we get from the institute and we try to design something different from what other students do.

The wall. New function

The theme of the project we are presenting appeared in MSUA (moscow state university of architecture) in the beginning of the 20 century. We were supposed to design a club, not a night club, but a club for people, having similar interests. We were given a huge area in the centre of Moscow to place our club there. The three of us decided that the ares is too big for one club, and we started thinking about placing three connected buildings there. We thought about fortresses, the Kremlin and realized that this form of the building has been forgotten and not used for centuries, so we decided to design a wall as a connecting element for the clubs. It became the main object of designing, clubs came secondly. We created a story about the fortress of arts for all family. Ira designed a club for children, Mary designed an exhibition center and me, Liza, I worked on the theater. All the buildings have access from the street and they are connected by an interactive wall.

Thanks to Project Meganom and to our mentors for the opportunities!

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