152_Tiakum Ao: Beacon

Tiakum ao

University/firm name New Jersey Institute of Technology
Instagram username @tiakumao


Description of project: Located along the south side of the Arno River in Florence Italy, the proposed waterfront projects can be seen as beacons, attracting residents and tourists alike. Circulating pedestrians from the dense north to the more tranquil south. Translucent panels rise around the facade illustrating lightshows, and interactive play. Qualities of heavy and light are characterized with the use of light steel framing, and heavy translucent program. The thin pedestrian bridge connects the heavily populated north with the more vacant south, circulating pedestrians through a system of walkways and shops, relating to the adjacent context. Creating areas of interaction between craftsmen and clients. This project proposes a luminous continuum of space for learning and growing for the entire Florence community.