195_Varuzhan Kochkoyan: Airport Hotel Café

Varuzhan Kochkoyan

I am a third year student of architectural studies at IFA-DFI (Franco German Institute for Engineering in Armenia). My work experience includes my past internship and employment in SNKH Architectural Studio and ongoing: ZAART Architectural Studio. The latest biggest events for me, were seeing how some of my sketches and plans come to life and my participation in EASA (European Architecture Students' Assembly).

Airport Hotel Café

The “Airport Hotel Cafe” was an assignment for Interior Design class. A plan with a bare walls, provided by the professor, was the only “fact” to consider. Such factors as the location and purpose of the building, ceiling height and budget were all hypothetical.

I imagined that the building is sited near an airport and its purpose is to serve as a place for spending time between the flight gaps. Accordingly the plan included an “anticafe” (an area to play Ping-Pong, watch a movie, play board games, etc., i.e. to chill out), cafe and a hotel zones.

In terms of interior finishing and furnishing, I took the project as an experiment in use of materials. I tried to mix steel with cardboard, to use cracked glass (reinforced) as mezzanine and artwork as a main floor texture and to combine brutal industrial elements with smooth furniture and plants. 

Instagram username: @varuzhan_kochkoyan