275_Vincent Heru: Vascular Pod

Vincent Heru from Indonesia: “Student with interests in architecture, renders, drawings, arts, models and everything architecture related. Currently I am studying in Monash University going into my fifth semester.”

University: Monash University

Professor(s): Charity Edwards

Name of Project: Vascular Pod

Project Description: Habitat designed for the Whiting and Globefish, two of the local fish found in Victoria Docks, Hobart, Tasmania. The concept comes from the idea of circulation such as respiratory system or cardiovascular system where clean air/blood is regulated. Similarly, the VASCULAR POD is meant to regulate the habitat of the Whiting and the Globefish.

This project focuses on the two fish but also integrates human element to help the programme. Local fishermen and fish expert work collaboratively to solve the local water dynamics. Water condition is regulated within the architecture (pH-levels, temperature, food content).

While the two fish will start to familiarise with the humans, the humans will have time and infrastructure to learn more about the local conditions and interactions of the non-humans (the fish).

Instagram Username: @vrh.architecture