45_Vlad Daraban: Island

Vlad Daraban

I am originally from Romania, where I started my studies as a landscape architect at the University Ion Mincu in Bucharest, afterwards deciding to pursue with architecture studies, I went to Paris, at Ecole Speciale d'Architecture, where I received me Bachelor Diplome. Now, I currently doing my M.Arch in architecture at The Bartlett, in London.

These are the drawings that I've done for a project in Paris, at ESA, during my 3rd year, having Mr. David Tajchman as a tutor.

The project is situated in Paris, on a very thin artificial island -Ile aux Cygnes-, created in 1827 in order to protect the Port de Grenelle.

It hosts a film studio complex, with all features, from movie studios to public cinemas, two restaurants on rail, a new tube station and movie set workshops, all bonded in an shape shifting environment which spreads on the whole length of the island. The idea was to explore a dynamic realm, where nothing is actually installed, where movie sets can deploy and be re-assembled in an other place on the island. All these systems where made using hydraulic gear mechanisms, converter belts and rails. This system would also embedded in its intelligence and algorithm which would make possible the dismantling of older movie sets, recycling them in different ambient movie-related spatial experiences which were to be installed all along the island, creating a movie dynamic referenced environment while engaging the visitor in a visual challenge.