236_D.K. Wang & Bingxuan Liang: Urban Environmental Form and Feedback

D.K. Wang & Bingxuan Liang

Third year architecture students attending Carnegie Mellon University. D.K. is from Inner Mongolia, China and Bingxuan comes from Hunan, China.

Both of us are pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Architecture. D.K. is also pursuing three minors including Business Administration, Computer Science and Music in Carnegie Mellon.

Project name: Urban Environmental Form and Feedback

Project Statement: in F16 studio, we approached the feedback of the urban environment on the creation of built space by working through a series of inter-connected projects. By using parametric modeling tools (primarily Grasshopper), we generated several formal and environmental strategies that are reflected in the final phase of the project- a residential building complex in Pittsburgh.

Ins: wang_dingkun & __liangbx