261_Leetee Wang and Marianne Sanche: Church of AI

Leetee Wang and Marianne Sanche from Los Angeles, USA: “We're interested in advancing Virtual Architecture. Virtual Reality now bridges the gap between physical architecture and onscreen representation, allowing us to experiment with existing architectural language as well as forming new rules around digital contexts. As a truly democratic experience, Virtual architecture can have a more performative approach as a backdrop to apps and 360 filmmaking, reformulating light and space and materiality to tell a better story.”

Website: http://www.fictionmine.com

University: University of Pennsylvania

Professor(s): Matias del Campo

Name of Project: Church of AI

Project Description: A contemplation of reciprocity between automation and human intervention. This architectural series was formed, at first, by 2D imagery generated via online AI tools, then designed as 360 interior spaces. It explores hybridization of automated and subjective input to produce a cybernetic reality in which constructed space is transient – in a constant state of building and unbuilding.

In VR, the viewer is allowed to occupy a moment in time when the building is still being formed, so that architecture becomes more expressive and spiritual in its breakdown. Material generation can also undergo similar states of animation – being composed of known and fictional elements in order to cater to digital environments.

Instagram Username: @fictionmine