235_Wendy Chan: Sparkling Raspberry

Wendy Chan

from the University of Adelaide. I am currently undergoing my 3rd-year study in Architecture.

The following project is my Bathhouse apartment design for an empty block on Franklin Street, in Adelaide CBD. The project is from Studio V directed by Vanessa Amodeo.

Name of project: Sparkling Raspberry

Modernization is a major challenge in many traditional cities over the world. With increasing population density, there is a need to introduce hyper-dense housing as well as public facilities to the preexisting heritage city. Conflicts associated with cultural, environmental transition and limited spaces commonly arise in the community. From an architect’s perspective, such conflicts can be minimized with properly designed hybrid building that harmonizes in local culture and utilizes limited spaces

To provide a solution to all the challenges, I propose an urban landscape design with two innovative concepts: a bathhouse with a ramp-like roof top that connects to the ground, which also serves as an urban landscape park and a city junction; inclined and clustered residential apartments that engage community-building.

my instagram name is :    @wani_wendy