158_Joel Wong and Amanda Gunawan: 6 AM

Students: Joel Wong (@zhoujoel)
                 Amanda Gunawan (@amandagnwn)

Advisor: Casey Rehm

This thesis posits an Architecture in which two antithetical morphological systems are forced to dialogue in order to create a contemporary mixed-use development. It argues for the necessity of the amalgamation of both the top-down and bottom-up method for both assembly and design.


The Discrete:

Defined by its striated forms, combinatorial properties and repetitive nature, its primary mode of control is sheer autocracy. Its sense of judgement is unparalleled. It is reliable. It is unforgiving, but only because it rarely makes mistakes.


The Continuous:

Regarded for its poly-scalar soft and flowing form, its strength comes in its flexibility and openness. Its lack of rules and organization produces dynamic possibilities beyond what our minds are able to imagine. It is slightly chaotic in its framework (or lackthereof). 

6AM is a mixed-use residential project located in the Arts District, Los Angeles. It is a city within a city. Given its context and society’s developing need for data and cognitive power over physical labour, this thesis begs the question of “how much of a city can you truly design?” “how much of it should be left unplanned” and whether it is possible for the merger of the answers to these two questions.