146_Yanyi Ho: To-gather

Yanyi Ho

University/firm name National University of Singapore
Instagram username @y4nyi


Description of project: Nestled among the now abandoned compounds of the Arsenale, to-gather is a point of interaction in Venice, which seeks to revive the locals’ interest in creating and innovating, a value that the Venetians are proud to possess. The project is developed through three main concerns: firstly, site selection is guided by the locals’ familiarity to forms and spaces in order to create a facility that is relatable and recognizable. Secondly, private spaces are carved and separated from the tourist routes in the facility, through introducing dual circulation paths in order to create a conducive working environment for the locals. Lastly, the project aims to reconcile the relationship between the craft and the craftsmen through visual connection between the tourist galleries and workshops to increase their exposure to the process behind the crafting of objects.