100_Zack Caplette: Mobility LAb, Activating LA's Public Realm

Zack Caplette

About Me: Recent M.Arch graduate from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Also completed my Bachelor's at Catholic U. I have worked with both Ayers Saint Gross and Studio 3877 in Washington, DC.

Mobility LAb: Activating La's public realm

Project Description: The City of Los Angeles can no longer expand beyond the amorphic boundaries of its sprawling urban fabric. As a result of this, the post-war suburbanized city is slowly beginning to address its public realm.

One of the many issues that the city must begin to address is mobility. Known for its large car-based culture and roadway infrastructure, Los Angeles has been divided by both social and mobile aspects. Moving forward, there is a need to engage the public realm by stimulating social interaction and by supplying the city of Los Angeles with a network of alternative methods of transportation.

The project calls for a mixed-use Mobility Hub to be integrated within the densest area of Los Angeles, MacArthur Park. The Mobility Hub will allow individuals to utilize alternative public methods of transportation to complete all phases of their trip while also providing an interactive urban environment that is charged with social and cultural elements.

Instagram username: @z_a_x_i_s