213_Zhiyuan Peng: Student Accommodation for The Porto School of Architecture

Zhiyuan Peng

My name is Zhiyuan Peng. I am a second-year architecture student at Kingston University London. 

Student accommodation for The Porto School of Architecuture

The site is a slope. And we are asked for keep all the trees on the site. So I think to make my project in different height will be a nice way to fit the site.The buildings around the riverside of Porto gave me another idea. All the buildings are on the hill and all in diverse heights. For this reason, I believed if I can design my project in separate parts and also in altitude difference. It can clearly show the functions. Then I made more distance between my three buildings. This can avoid the sight cover between three buildings. I want to make sure every room can have a great view.

Thus, space which made by the distance of these three parts can be the public gardens and path. I connected the ground floor of the highest building and second-highest one. So the big ground floor can for the student`s daily life. The upper floors of these two buildings are the student rooms with shared kitchen. Obviously, the individual building which is the lowest one is also for student living. But they will have private kitchen and bathrooms. I think this accommodation need to be distinctive with the surrounding area. Because it will be easy to identify on the campus. And people can see the residential function articulately. For the material and interior. I use concrete as my buildings. And I want to the interior be timber. So there will be a big contrasting between exterior and interior. The appearance is cold and the indoor are warm.