Online Submissions

Since our start, we have been receiving many online project submissions. Such as master theses, course assignments and personal work. We urge you to not stop doing so. It is amazing to see everyone’s projects around the world and we would like to continue making this page into a place where we can share all our knowledge and techniques. We are constantly looking for the best projects that we can feature on our platform. Online submissions are accepted all year-round. 

Interesting projects that go past “architecture” and start looking at societal links, environmental, and other types of topics that relate to new innovative techniques in Architecture. 

We are looking for full presentations, anything ranging from process models and drawings to final boards with plans, sections, diagrams, renderings and model pictures.


* If you are looking for the biannual competition submissions, you are in the wrong place. Online submissions only appear on our website and Instagram. None of these student projects will appear on The Archiologist Magazine in print or digital versions. Biannual Competition submissions will only open between certain times of the year. 



Online project submissions are on-line based only. As explained above, the online submissions have nothing to do with the Biannual Competition we hold in conjunction with The Archiologist Magazine.

The project is uploaded to the website, under the "Students" Menu Item. We have a preliminary layout that we like using as we upload the projects to the web. However, if you have a petition you are more than welcome to let us know. The project is then exhibited and posted on our Instagram and shared in our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. The most important thing for us is getting your project exposed to the world. We are here to show you off and your work.

Online student projects we receive are put on a queue depending on the time of receival in accordance to other student projects sent before. So please if we fail to upload the project in the two-week estimated time, don't worry! We will definitely post it but just keep in mind that there may be some people waiting before you as well. 

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