Terms of Use



All works submitted, online, for the competition and as an Instagram tagged picture, must be submitted in agreeance to our terms and conditions.By submitting the types of material described above, you acknowledge, represent and warrant that all work presented to The Archiologist has been legally attained with the permission of the original creator or author and that your work is not a copy and/or was plagiarized at any point in time.

Every student submitting projects to the competition gives The Archiologist all rights to publish the material for promotion of the competition or for any later showcase and/or exhibit of the work on our website and social media platforms.  Any materials that are published will be given appropriate attributes to designers. The Archiologist maintains the right to modify any information in its files in order to better adapt it to any publishing platforms. We will always state that we do not own the project and we also are not responsible for any reproduction of the images in the future. If you agree to submit your project you must know that a lot of people will come across the project and will most likely save and/or share your work but it will help you be recognized and reach to more audiences.

You grant The Archiologist team the permission to share submitted work with third parties, which may include but is not limited to: potential employers, other blogs, websites and social media platforms.

In conclusion, the individual is responsible for reading the Terms and Conditions described and make sure to understand all the terms before submitting any project to our website.