SCI-Arc’s mission is to reimagine the very edges of architecture, educating architects to engage, speculate, and innovate.

  • to examine everything about the built environment, from design and materials to culture and experience
  • to ask provocative questions that provoke new thinking and prompt new theoretical constructs
  • to be international leaders in creating the future of architecture
  • to create designs that change how people interact with each other and their environment

The purpose of SCI-Arc’s mission is to assist students, faculty, staff, and the public in the exploration of architectural ideas and issues. Its organization is centered on the idea of the practicing architect as educator, inflecting top-down direction with vigorous open participation and strong individual autonomy. For more than forty years, SCI-Arc has maintained an unequaled reputation for risk and excellence. Its next forty years will be devoted to sustaining, deepening, and securing those values.

Maria Flores