Week 18: Best Projects

Week 18: 02/28/17-03/15/17: As always, we would like to thank everyone who tagged us on Instagram with their projects. Remember to keep tagging and letting us know where you are from (what school/country). Follow us/tag us on Instagram: @thearchiologist.


Best Models

Student: @benjaminkolder
Statement: In progress | A tower proposal for Panama City | 1/8" = 1'-0" | In collaboration w/ Noah Zaccaglini
University:  UCLA Architecture & Urban Design -- Training: Asymptote Architecture

Student:  @_biophile_
Statement: Sometimes making models can spark ideas - this sectional model by @harryhintonhard leaves the 3D printing scaffold as a series of potential hosts for vegetation #biophile#unitc #plants #ideas
University: from USF Architecture

Student:  @usfsacd @vanemarin315
Statement: Vanessa Marin, “Museum of Amalgamated Art” Advanced Design, Professor: Michael Halflants, Spring 2015

#usfsacd #sacd17 @vanemarin315
University: from USF Architecture


Best Renderings

Student:  @stevasimovic
Statement: Collective housing in Belgrade

Student:  @andrewfriedenberg
Statement: Thesis // T E R R A F O R M
[Visualization 2/3] Future inhabitation as an cohesive ecosystem and social instigator. Blurring the lines between green and grey / permeable and impermeable / and public and private space. 
Completed June 2016

Student:  @hulseboss
Statement: eight10six : x-ray rendering to show the detached continuity of the volumes, as well as the intrusion of the structural beams through the interior spaces. : #sdh

Best Diagram/Sketch

Student:   @m0d_s0d

Statement: ginza mapping 2

Student:  @q_set 
Statement: (team note: check out all the drawings, they are amazing!)
Numero 7[gel pen and black ink.25x38cm]
Elementi fluttuanti
#floating #elements

Student:  @architettimatassoni
Statement: Italian new town study sketch................. a suspended city above the water....... 

Thanks so much for tagging us! Keep at it :)

Maria Flores