Week 2: Best Projects

Week 2: 10/14/16 - 10/21/16

Best Models


Statement: Processes/Speculations for computer media 3D prints Student: Submitted by Haya Alnibari --- displays models by different students University: Pratt Institute


Statement: Students are asked to design and define a program of 21st century Han in Kemeralti historical area of Izmir. The concept was to create a public route, platforms around building mass just like silk road and take people from ground through different levels where every level has its one theme. Starting with the concert platform at ground level, then market, gallery, workshop, cinema and restaurant, panorama platform. The route is just continued from Anafartalar streets which is the main axis in this area. Student: Almin Muric University: Not Specified


Statement: Structures model Student: Isaac Tejeira University: Cornell University

Best Renderings


Statement: Not Specified Professional: Bardia Fallah Studio


Statement: Proposed Artist Pavilion installation in Miami Beach Student: Sebastian Usquiano University: Florida International University


Statement: Not Specified Student: Peng University: USC Architecture

Best Diagrams/Sketches


Statement: #01 Seoul City - Site planning Student: Yang Young University: Not Specified


Statement: Modu1box blue-prints Student: Kevin Moga University: Not Specified


Statement: Chemical Landscape Student: Edward Radev University: Pratt Institute

Thanks everyone for submitting their projects! Can't wait for more.