Drawings, Renderings, Models #2: June

Drawings /

/ Axonometric Sections

By: @julia_nak
Tokyo sketchbook slowly becoming digital

 Shared by: @andrei.m.martin
Section by @anomisav from #designstudio13

Shared by: @designstudio13
Looking at the role that focus and distortion can play on the users perception and experience through the implementation of a counter object. WIP by @elliotbhill @xin______@stevemartin1216


/ Sections


By: @tianaiksaw
B A M B O O H O U S E T Y P E // The shophouses is commonly known as the ‘Bamboo House’ because it could expand finitely just like bamboo, growing with the increase of multiple modulations. This part of design creates the similar typology of the shophouse increasing the number of modulation, while allow like to penetrate through, deep into the auditorium space. 
Frosted glass floor bridge is used to create human silhouette shadows down to the auditorium, creating a sense of connectivity an awareness of time. Similar to the shadows of the human silhouette seen through the gaps of the wooden floor slab.

Shared by: @prattsoa
From Pratt Archives @prattsoa_archive — Library Project by Yalai PANG @claudia_lll for Professor ERIC WONG Spring 2017 #ARCH202Design Studio at Pratt Institute School of Architecture #PrattSoA #Pratt_UA

Shared by: @uscarchitecture
Recent graduate Ryan Wong’s @ryanwhwong (B.Arch ’18) “Pixel” was part of a comprehensive studio that proposes mass timber as a potential structural material for mid-rise towers in Los Angeles. This project offers a new type of office tower in response to the emerging office style of co-working spaces, and in turn challenges the traditional “pancake slabs” office typology. Situated in the Arts District, this project began by first “pixelating” the site to rationalize the irregular geometry, then extruding slender “tubes” of various heights and facade densities from the pixelation in order to exaggerate the verticality of the building.


/ Exploded Diagrams


By: @simonbarazin
thesis graphics back from 2016. .

By: @ichigowasabi
Case study of social housing projects. Axonometric exploding different systems of pluggable housing modules by Elemental. Villa Verde & Quinta Montoya. 
Instructor: Jason Carlow

By: @tallerdizeno
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Fall River Public Library, a proposal to help revitalize a post-industrial city riddled with social issues and a lack of public facilities. The concept of the library revolved around a central courtyard, an encapsulated “piece” of the adjacent South Park. The exploded axonometric emphasizes building systems of enclosure and structure, and the spine of primary circulation in the project created by a continuous band that folds into stairs, walls and platforms, bringing the users up from the ground through main public spaces.
Design Core Studio V with Professor Vince Giambertone, at Roger Williams University.


/ Densities


By: @jd_m_visualizing
Residencial Avignon / junto a LM arquitectos / Medellín

By @evan_wakelin
Using architectural collages to depict the fragmented identities of migrants.

Shared by: @rc12bartlett
Testing densities and space standards in London through videogames


Renderings /

/ Soft Colors

By: @ashleus
The plaza – a convivial, social, and inclusive space open for all generations in Rotherham. The plaza becomes a place to meet, and place to work, a place to learn, a place to shop.

By: @andrew.keung
Never got around to posting this drawing from Housing studio. Extended Dwellings 2017

By: @ichigowasabi and @jumanaabbas_・・・
U R B A N L O O P H O L E S. 
Render perspective of exterior courtyard.
502 design project with @jumanaabbas_ 
Instructor: Jason Carlow
Based on a critical urban analysis of Sharjah’s industrial zones, specifically focused around mobility for vehicles and socio-economic mobility for workers, Urban Loop Hole is a proposal for greater symbiosis between architecture and infrastructure. By integrating housing and new public amenities within new layers of elevated roadways, the project not only improves vehicular mobility within the site, but uses a large-scale investments in vehicular infrastructure as a platform to offset the cost of social infrastructure. By elevating roadways and embedding looping, highway off-ramps into new buildings on vacant industrial lots, the project is able reclaim the existing ground level as public space. Situated above, below or adjacent to the roadways, the architectural geometry and building typology of the housing is adapted to the curvature of the curving ramps. Considering the project at a larger scale, Urban Loop Hole provides a new design methodology to integrate architecture with vehicular infrastructure that could be deployed in similar urban conditions across the globe.


/ Lovely Greens

By: @savvystudio
Work in progress of our new project L'HERITAGE
Branding/ Architecture/ MX

By: @josemascareno08
Alameda central

By: @___annyy__
Follow me into my dreamland.


/ Structure


By: @kenny_yeak
Busy life. •

By: @danilatsar
Вообразите себе, сколько возможностей в себе скрывает пространство. Не то, что мы привыкли видеть в планарных городах, а нечто намного большее. ⠀

Представьте, гуляя по бесконечным улицам-эскалаторам, переходя с одного вертикального монопоезда на другой вы можете оказаться в любой точке пространства, о какой только можете пожелать. Вас не сковывают узкие тротуары улиц, вы сами выбираете, где и как передвигаться! ⠀

Помните стеклянный лифт из фильма «Чарли и Шоколадная фабрика»? Заманчивая перспектива, не находите?) 

Shared by: @enigmadesignstudio
Proyecto: Fragmentos de un Pasaje. 5 / 9
Diseño: @la_s.irena@chamanotieneinstagram @jose3195


/ Central Spaces/Courtyards


By: @vivasarquitectos
Muñoz Ramonet Library
Sant Gervasi, Barcelona
2016 Competition
with Pau Vidal
render @playtime.barcelona 

By: @danieljmmarshall and @alexbodkin 
Four houses designed with the great @alexbodkin for @homeprojectorg. Part of an option studio at @mitarchitecture

By: @stomp.architettura


Models /

/ Facades

By: @newportworks
Fantastic facade model by 5th year student, Nicolò Spreafico from the CASS, Unit 12 led by Peter St John, James Hand and Ben Speltz. ⠀

With Old Street Roundabout as its site, the studio is focused on designing freestanding buildings with a civic element such as hotels, university buildings and company offices. The buildings will use stone in their construction to encourage a connection between all the works of the studio. ⠀

We're excited for the Summer Show output from them for sure.⠀

By: @ehoweler
Massing model of our Chengdu office Building for Wide Horizon with the faceted facade panel

Shared by: @prattsoa
#PhysicalModel by Eda SARMAN for Professor Karen BAUSMAN’s Spring 2013 #ARCH202Intermediate #DesignStudio at Pratt Institute School of Architecture #PrattSoA #Pratt_UA

A Botany and Horticulture Research Library in Chinatown, Manhattan.


/ Multi-Story


By: @scarletsongg
The tower

By: @kyriloui
Discrete assembly

By: @maniaarch
1/8" Sectional Model


/ Section Models


Shared by: @_biophile_
Year 3 Student Work by Tony Le @lunarkirby .
Salzburg Media Centre , 1:100 final sectional model .

By: @sounds_like_u
"Section Model of Furry Library" 
The irregular domed shaped voids which are embedded in and interrupt a rigid wireframe of stacked spaces. These voids house diverse and informal programs like reading area, landscape and a climbing wall. The floor slabs interrupt the monolithic quality of the void by shearing each void allowing the material and program within these spaces to ooze out to make continuity. Furs as a sort of representation of special quality toy with interior and exterior space and bleed out into the stacks. .

Shared by: @prattsoa
The Case for Hybridity: BLOUGH @lawrenceblough & DWYRE @pneumacat_Pratt UG Degree Project Studio, Spring 2018. Bonsai Urbanism: Fermentation Theater, Kay CHOI + Ed WU

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