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News — Highlights

12/28/2018 — Release of Magazine Issue #2 Expected for April 2019
02/05/2019 — Names of students in The Archiologist Magazine Issue #2 has been released:

Adrian Wong (@adriancwwong), Alejandra Cardenas (@alexcard23), Alejandro Quinto (@alejandro.quinto), Alessandro Luporino (@q_set), Amanda Gunawan (@amandagnwn), Anderson Chan (@anderson.jovi), Andrea Bulloni (@andreabulloni), Andrea Cappiello (@archiello93), Andrea Molina (@unbitacoraporelmundo), Andrea Ruggieri, Andreas Stadlmayr (@andeas.stadlmayr), Andrew Shea (@andyshea1), Ansh Vakil (@avakil), Ashish Bhandari (@wanderer.bhandari), Austin Madrigale (@armadrigale9), Benny Cruz (@19cruz91), Bingxuan Liang (@__liangbx), Chanakarn Assavasirisilp (@bbayy), Chris Campbell (@cambysoup), Christian Stiles (@hashtag_culture), Ciaran Magee (@cianmagee__), Daniel Seidman (@darkseidman), David Lambert (@l_dwyd), Dingkun Wang (@wang_dingkun), Elise Francis (@elisemfrancis), Ellen Wong (@eln_wong), Émilie Fortier (@emilie.fortier), Emily Martin (@emmartini_22), Federico Monti (@fedemons), Flora Milanez (@fro_ra), Francesco Mura, Francesco Vitiello (@aureum_40), Gary Polk (@gary.polk), Giovanni Santonicola (@aureum_40), Haydn Lo (@haydn.lht), Hazem Talaat (@hazem_talaat), Heffrence Teow (@heffrence), Hugo Bertrand, Ilaria Belott (@ilabelotti), Irene Rodriguez (@irenebowie), Jack Rendler (@jack.oliva.rendler), James Hardt (@jameshardt19), Jean Philippe (@jeepmtl), Joel Wong (@zhoujoel), Jorge Sanchez, Jose Coba (@josecobaro), Kate Harris (@k8lharris), Marco Papagni (@marcoopapagni), Maria Mas Mengual, Masoud Abedi (@masoudabedimoghadam), Matteo Serra (@matteoserrams), Mirko Santoni, Nicolas Turchi (@nicolasturchi), Noel Picaper (@noelpicaper), Ozzy_Veliz (@oveliz_80), Paolo Boldi (@boldiwood), Phawin_Siripong (@guyguyguyy), Rasem_Kamal (@rasemkamal), Smit Patel (@smiture), Stanley Tan (@stanthj_arch), Stefan Burnett (@stefan112131), Swati Jain (@braveneworld), Tomasz Bulczak (@tbulczak), Trevor Mayes (@trevor_mayes), Vasiliki Bakavou (@vicky__bak), Ysaac Bustamante (@ysabusta), Yu Kono (@yu_r_kono), Zahid Ajam (@zahid), Zamfir Andrei (@zamfir40)

02/07/2019 — Cover Competition due date: February 24th; voting time: February 25th — March 4th; Final Winner will be announced after voting: March 5th. Magazine Advertisements due on March 5th.


Online Submissions

Since our start, we have been receiving many online project submissions. Such as master theses, course assignments and personal work. We urge you to not stop doing so. It is amazing to see everyone’s projects around the whole world and we would like to continue making this page be a place where we can share all our knowledge and techniques. We are constantly looking for the best projects that we can feature on our platform.

Interesting projects that go past “architecture” and start looking at societal links, environmental, and other types of topics that relate to new innovative techniques in Architecture. 

We are looking for full presentations, anything ranging from process models and drawings to final boards with plans, sections, diagrams, renderings and model pictures.

Online submissions are accepted all year-round.  Read more.



Archiologist /ärkēˈoləjəst/ 

In our own definition, an archiologist is a person that designs and practices the curatorship of student projects in the branches of design (architecture, landscape, interior, art, etc). An individual, from any career, that believes in the importance of students, as the root to our economy, government, culture and work force. An archiologist is a person that wants to give students a chance to exhibit the hard effort they work on for a whole semester and to be acknowledged and recognized for their design capacities. 

Are you an archiologist?

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